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Binzer showing his Distinguished Flying Cross with One Oak Leaf Cluster.
Photography was always a favorite hobby
Working on the stabilizer for his glider.
Binzer regales Honor Flight crew with war his stories.
Bob Binzer and Al Joyce, lifelong friends, flew together in China
C-46 in action
Blood Chits was given to Hump Pilots for identification and rescue in case of a bailout.
The two flight paths over the Himalayan Mountains (the Hump). Public Domain photo.
Arm patches from Binzer's flight jacket.
A state-of-the art USAF map of China used for road navigation in the CBI Theatre of War. Public Domain photo.
These workers, and many more, built the Kunming Airfield by hand. Public Domain photo.
A Chinese Nationalist Soldier and a native fighter. Public Domain photo.
C-47 Douglas Sky Train. Public Domain photo.
Bob Binzer visits his mother after basic training.
Robert Dean Binzer, 1922-2019
Bob Binzer builds a glider.
Jase Binzer at his great-grandfather's funeral. Photo by Brittney Binzer. All rights reserved.
Guilin Heritage Park memorial to the Hump Pilot, Guilin, China.
First Lieutenant Robert Dean Binzer, Flight Commander